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Completed model awaiting tender brake rigging


Chassis - motor fitted in the tender

  This kit produces a complete finescale chassis in either EM or P4 for the Dapol GWR 43/53/63xx 2-6-0 model first released in late 2020. It only requires a locomotive body and a tender (which are available as spares) and not a complete Dapol locomotive.

The locomotive chassis can either be built rigid or compensated, and the tender chassis either rigid or sprung using continuous springy beams.

The kit can be built in two different motor configurations, with the motor in the locomotive or in the tender with a drive through to the locomotive.



With the motor installed in the tender and a drive shaft running below the level of the fall plate to a gear box driving the rear axle of the locomotive, it allows the tractive potential to be significantly increased because a lot of extra weight can be fitted into the locomotive over the driving wheels. If you want an idea of what the Motor-In-Tender drive system would look like, then click on this link:

If you are happy with the increased haulage that a compensated locomotive can give, the motor can be installed more simply in the locomotive. 


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To complete


Etched nickel silver

Designed by Frank Davies



 Pony truck: 3'2" dia. 10 spokes  - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson

 Driving: 5 8" dia. 18 spokes  - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson

 Tender: 4' 1-1/2"  dia. 12 spoke  - Ultrascale, Alan Gibson

 Motor  High Level 13/20 coreless motor
 Gearbox  High Level Road Runner Compact 45:1
Motor in tender option  Universal joints, rubber tube, ball races, gears in tender

Alternative twin hanger brakes are available for the locomotive (ref E236) and for the tender (ref E234) - price 2 each

Also replacement later pattern rear sandboxes (ref MF40 and MF41) - price 1.50 each





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