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We have accepted invitations to the following exhibitions for 2022:


Scalefour North at Wakefield Cancelled
Expo EM at Brackley May 2022
Expo EM North at Kettlethorpe August 2022
Scaleforum at Aylesbury September 2022
Warley NEC November 2022
Expo EM May 2023
Scalefour North at Crewe June 2023

We try to have the whole of our product range available at each show but, if you want to buy a large quantity of an item, or perhaps just the etches or the castings from a kit, please contact us in advance of the show so that we can bring the items for you. This applies particularly to large orders for the Martin Finney etches and castings.

If it is likely that we will need to order the items specially for you, then please allow six weeks before the show so that we can obtain them from our suppliers.

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