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A new design of Bogie Compensation Unit that is quick and easy to assemble while providing a robust and sturdy solution.

They are fixed to the body by an 8BA nut and bolt which allows the unit to be adjusted without affecting the movement.

The brake blocks fold down and have holes for the inner cross rods.

Available in eight different types, including one for the modern image modeller.

Download instructions

Have a look at the assembly step-by-step - we built a of test etches in less than 25 minutes!

Click the etch to zoom in


Ref Wheelbase Wheel diameter Used by Price per pair
C121 8'6" 3ft (12mm)      BR Mark II onwards 10
C141 8'6" 3ft 6" (14mm) BR Mark 1, LNER 10
C142 7'0" 3ft 6" (14mm) GWR 10
C143 8'0" 3ft 6" (14mm) GWR, LNER, SR, GER, MR, LNWR, L&Y 10
C144 9'0" 3ft 6" (14mm) LMS, GWR, LNWR 10
C145 10'0" 3ft 6" (14mm) Midland 10
C146 10'6" 3ft 6" (14mm) GCR 10
C147 6'4" 3ft 6" (14mm) GWR 10

Includes nuts & bolts, wire and pins - bearings and cosmetic sideframes not supplied. Please ensure that you use bearings that have deep coning which takes the pinpoint axle down (eg Markits), otherwise there is a danger that the bogie sides will be splayed out slightly.



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