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These sub-frames have been designed to fit under Slaters, Cambrian and Parkside wagons although they may be used for other manufacturers’ (specifically Bachmann and Oxford ready-to-run) and scratch-built wagons.

Our latest are 10ft wheelbase, for either steel and wooden solebar wagons, fitted with Morton brakegear.

They provide an easy-to-assemble, sprung sub-frame and include full single-sided or independent double-sided brakes with a choice of brake levers and brake lever guides.

The sub-frames can be built for 00, EM or P4 gauges and incorporate springing as standard.

Comprehensive illustrated instructions and diagrams are provided.

Wheels (3ft.1½in.diameter) and coupling chain are needed to complete.

Van with Morton brakegear

Pre-1923 above; post-1923 below

ETCHED COMPONENTS (pre-1923 wagons) - post 1923 are similar (see instructions)

U1.          Underframe

U12.        Brake lever long standard - (2)

U2.          Bearing carrier – (4)

U13.        Brake lever cranked - (2)

U3.          Brake block and hanger – (4)

U14.        Brake lever guide – pin type – (2)

U4.          Brake block centre – (4)

U15.        Brake lever guide – ratchet type – (2)

U5.          Push rods outer – (2)

U16.        Brake lever guide jig – (1)

U6.          Push rod inner – (2)

U17.        Door bangs- (2)

U7.          Brake shaft levers – (4)

U18.        Coupling hook left hand– (2)

U8.          Safety loop short – (2)

U19.        Coupling hook right hand – (2)

U9.          Safety loop long – (2)

U20.        Coupling hook face plate – (2)

U10.        ‘V’ hanger – (2)

U21.        Buffer body rings

U11.        Brake lever short standard – (2)


Other components

Components not supplied

Waisted pin-point bearings – (4)

Wheels – 3’1½” split spoke with 26mm axles

0.2mm steel spring wire

Coupling chain

0.3mm wire for the brake blocks


0.8mm wire for brake shaft


Download the instructions for R041/042 for R051/052 for R061 or for R062/063

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  RCH 1907

Gloucester 1905



Reference   Each For 5
R 041 RCH 1907 9ft wheelbase £10 £45
R 042 Gloucester Carriage & Wagon 1905 9ft wheelbase £10 £45
R 051 RCH 1923 9ft wheelbase (to fit Slaters, Cambrian, Parkside kits and Bachmann RTR) £10 £45
R 052 RCH 1923 9ft wheelbase (to fit Oxford RTR) £10 £45
R 061 RCH 1923 9ft wheelbase with wooden solebars and Morton brakegear £10 £45
R 062 NEW RCH 1932 10ft wheelbase with wooden solebars and Morton brakegear  NEW £10 £45
R 063 NEW  RCH 1932 10ft wheelbase with steel solebars and Morton brakegear     NEW  £10 £45


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