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Add those finishing details which every layout should have but many people don't get around to

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Point rodding Point rodding cranks and signal wires  
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P 001

72 pairs of 15 thou brass fishplates which include full "front and back" bolt detail.

fplateetch.JPG (13873 bytes) 7.00  

P 002

Rodding stools which make up into 10 sets for runs of up to 7 rods or any combination of smaller units (10 thou brass).

roddingstools.JPG (55868 bytes) 7.00 Instructions
P 003

6 types of rodding cranks together with bases (10 thou brass) including:

21 large / 24 small plain angle cranks

 - 4 adjuster cranks (for the final drive to the point)

 - 2 "T" cranks

 - 3 straight cranks (for facing point locks etc)

 - 4 accommodating cranks (used where clearances are too close for conventional cranks) 

rodding cranks.JPG (75515 bytes) 7.00 Instructions
P 004

16 signal cable wheels together with bases (10 thou brass) in a unique self-aligning design which can also be used in multiple assemblies.

signal wheels.JPG (71170 bytes) 7.00 Instructions
P 005

Baseplates In 18 thou brass for use with flat-bottom rail having a foot width of 1.8mm (eg Peco codes 75,80 and 82) Each pack contains :

- 88 two spike plates for plain line

 - 8 four spike plates for use at rail joints

 - slide plates and angled crossing vee/wing rail plates for 1 turnout

 - 12 half-plates for use at check rails

These plates can be used in 4mm or 3.5mm scale and to represent small baseplates in 7mm scale narrow gauge. They may be used with plastic, timber or copperclad sleepers.

baseplates.JPG (64142 bytes) 5.00



       Signal cranks - 8 per fret

LF 001

Leverframe with 5 levers - This is no longer available as a complete kit - we can supply sets of etches plus instructions. These are by order only - please email us to check availability.

15.00 Instructions

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