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Drummond 4000 gallon 'Water cart' tender Drummond 3500 gallon 6-Wheel Tender

Download instructions - 'Water cart'                           Download instructions - 3500 gallon





To complete

 T10 4000 gallon watercart

 Etched superstructure and chassis


Wheels 3' 7" diameter - 10 spokes

 T13 3500 gallon 6-wheel

 Lost wax and whitemetal castings


Wheels 4' 0" diameter-  12 spokes

Drummond 4000 gallon 'Water cart' tender

The tenders which form the subject of this kit are the distinctive Drummond 4000 gallon double bogie type often referred to as 'Water carts'. A total of 126 tenders were built between 1900 and 1907.

Drummond 3500 gallon 6-Wheel tender

These were built between1897 and 1902 with the 700 'Black Motor' 0-6-0s, T9 4-4-0s, C8 4-4-0s and K10 4-4-0s. Between April 1902 and June 1907 the 61 tenders built for the C8 and T9 4-4-0s were transferred to new K10 and L11 4-4-0s to be replaced by new 4000 gallon eight wheels bogie tenders. During the period 1925-28 a complex series of tender exchanges saw 3500 gallon tenders paired with all of the D15 class and some of the T9 and L12 classes, to enable them to work on the Eastern and Central Sections of the Southern Railway.

4500 gallon conversion kit (ref E50 price 7.50) - Download instructions

Between 1911 and 1913, 26 tenders were built with or modified with an additional 500 gallon tank on top of the main 4000 gallon tank.

This kit converts the 4000 gallon tender to a 4500 gallon one, and includes a highly riveted etched tank, additional coal rails and coal space divider plate.

Although most of the detail would be covered in coal in normal working conditions the rear of the additional tank is fully visible behind the coal divider. If you wish to show off the additional tank in all its glory you could always model the tender at the end of its daily run when coal was depleted!

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