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This is an etched brass kit providing compensated suspension for vehicles with wheelbases between 18ft and 27ft 6" in steps of 6" length, using 3'7" diameter wheels, and with either inside or outside bearings.

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MC001 MC002

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The only difference is the shape of the w-irons - see picture below

Set at 18 ft wheelbase with centre W-iron outside

Set at 27ft 6" wheelbase with centre W-iron inside

These are pictures of our display stand models - click to zoom in


To enable the chassis to be used in a wide range of vehicle types, the centre axle may be supported in one of two ways. For the majority of vehicles, which had centre W-irons mounted on the inside of the solebars, the centre W-iron Unit which enables the centre axle to be mounted between pin-point bearings should be used. For vehicles such as GNR 6 wheel coaches, which had centre W-irons mounted on the outside of the solebars, one of the Centre Axle Carrier units should be used, and the kitís W-irons should be fitted cosmetically to the solebars.

Contents of kit

The instructions cover only the construction of the kit components. Modifications to other kit designs to accommodate the Cleminson Truck, and the fitting of detail components, eg axleboxes, have not been included. This kit contains only the functional parts required to build the Cleminson Truck, and may be used either in scratch-built vehicles or to replace functional chassis components in kits which use other chassis design. It includes pin-point bearings, wire and nuts and bolts.

Prototype notes

Whilst the parts provided are not intended to assemble into a representation of a full size original, the mechanical principles on which the kit has been based have been tried and tested on railways around Britain. The first passenger coaches to be used on the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway were six-wheelers with Cleminson Trucks, they were roofed and fully glazed above the waistline, weighing 4Ĺ tons each and were 30 ft long, with seating for 42 passengers. The Ffestiniog Railway, the Southwold Railway and the Manx Northern Railway have also used vehicles based on the Cleminson Truck.



MC 001  Non-RCH type suitable for Great Northern, Midland and London & South Western, etc. £15
MC 002  RCH type covers Great Western, North Eastern, etc.



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