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The kit is for the diagram L4 crane match trucks as built in 1901/2, numbered 1 and 6. They ran with Cowans-Sheldon 15 ton cranes also numbered 1 and 6, introduced in 1901. Crane and Match Truck number 1 were both later renumbered 7. Construction was of riveted steel with drop down side doors to the toolboxes and a high level pivoting roller on which the crane jib rested.

The model is designed to run with the D&S DS 802 Cowans-Sheldon Crane kit. It is of etched brass construction to bring out the detail of the original wagon and faithfully reproduce the thin section to the roof, floor edges and roller supports. Included in the kit are whitemetal axleboxes/springs and buffers. It can be built for 00, EM and P4 scales.

Only wheels (3ft1 8-spoke), bearings and couplings (screw on the prototype) are needed to complete the kit. Comprehensive instructions and photographs are provided.

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R 010 GWR diagram L4 crane match truck 35

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