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  Gauge G001 in use to set rocking axleguards on a Slater’s 4mm wagon  

The gauges are intended to enable modellers to set-up rocking ‘W’ irons and fixed and sprung axleboxes so that the axles are parallel. This greatly enhances running and helps prevent derailments. A pair of  gauges is supplied:

   – One is for wagons with a wheelbase of 6’0”, 7’0” to 12’0” in 6” increments

This is the gauge to use for 9’0” wheelbase wagons as it will balance across the two axles. The unmarked slot is to straddle a brake cross shaft on a 9’0” wheelbase wagon if already fitted.

  – The other is for wagons with a wheelbase of 6’0”, 7’0” to 22’0” in 3” increments

Although this gauge has the slots for shorter wheelbases, it is designed for use on wheelbases greater than 12’0” and for any wheelbase of ending in 3” or 9”.


Ref   Price  
G001 / 2   EM/P4 only  £8.00 per pair Download instructions
G003 / 4   OO only  £8.00 per pair Download instructions
G007 / 8   7mm - Slater's wheels  £16 per pair Download instructions


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